Publications & Speaking Engagements



In the swing of things in 2017. Check out Dr. Hollis’ recent publications and speaking engagements, including empirical research on workplace bullying at community colleges, Title IX  and sexual violence issues, and how workplace bullying affects diversity. To the left, Dr. Hollis is at the American Council on Education, Regional Women’s Leadership Forum at Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina.


Publications & Research

Hollis, L. (2017). Workplace Bullying in the United States and Canada: Organizational accountability required in higher education. Comparative Civilizations Review.

Hollis, L. (2017). The Need for Anti-Bullying Policies on Campus. An argument for improving gender and race relations in higher education. Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships

Hollis, L. (2017). Evasive actions and other coping strategies for those enduing workplace bullying in higher education. Advanced Social Sciences Research Journal. 4 (7). 59-68

Hollis, L. (2017). Qualitative Phenomenological Study: Considerations in engaging international students. SAGE Research Methods Cases. Sage Publications LTD. DOI:

Hollis, L. (2016) The coercive community college; Bullying and its costly impact on the mission to serve underrepresented populations. Emerald Group Publishing Limited. United Kingdom.

Hollis, L. & Davis, R. (2016) International students immigrating to the Title IX environment: A qualitative cultural analysis of community college international students. Eds. Raby R. & Valeau, E. International Education at Community Colleges: Themes, Practices, Research, and Case Studies. Palgrave.

Hollis, L (2016). Guest Editor. Bullying: Harassment by another name, yet still very much the same . Journal of Black Sexual Relationships 2 (3).

Hollis, L. (2016) Canary in the mine: Ombuds as first alert for workplace bullying on campus. Journal of the International Ombudsman Association. 9 (1). 23-31

Hollis, L. (2015) Elephant in the Room: A Content Analysis of Unplanned Parenthood and Subsequent Drop-Out for Black Community College Students. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science. 5 (12). 1-15.

Hollis, L. (2015) Take the Bull by the Horns: Structural Approach to Minimize Workplace Bullying for Women in American Higher Education. Forum on Public Policy. Oxford, England.

Hollis L. (2015) Bully University? The cost of workplace bullying and employee engagement in American higher education. Sage Open


Conferences & Speaking Engagements

1.Keynote Speech. Hershey Story.  Heart of Chocolate:Little things that mean a big deal.  Hershey PA 2017

2. Keynote Speech. American Council on Education.  Workplace bullying and career ascension. Clemson University.  2016

3. Conference Co-Chair ABSC Spring Roundtable Series, St Thomas, the Virgin Islands, April 2016

4. Presented at American Association of Community Colleges National Convention. “Bruising the Bottom Line: The cost of workplace bullying at community colleges.” Chicago, IL. April 2016

5. Keynote Speaker. “How Workplace Bullying Affects Diversity,” Cornell University, April 2016

6. Presented at PA-Name. National Associational of Multicultural Education. “Color outside the lines? The impact of workplace bullying on people of color working in community colleges.” West Chester University, West Chester PA April 2016

7. Presented at Pennsylvania Black Conference on Higher Education, “Blacks and Blues: Workplace Bullying for African Americans in Higher Education.” Philadelphia PA March 2016

8. Keynote Speaker. “Microaggressions: Little things that hurt and how to handle it.” Swarthmore College. Swarthmore PA November 2015

9. Presented at Black Families, Black Relationships, Black Sexuality Conference “Baby Momma Drama: It’s Often curtains on black community college student progress to graduation.” Philadelphia October 2015

10. Keynote Speaker, Morgan State Faculty Institute. “Sticks and Stones.” Baltimore MD August 2015