Dr. Leah P. Hollis, President and Founder of Patricia Berkly LLC, specializes in adult workplace bullying and diversity training.  She has penned five books, with a sixth in progress with Oxford University Press. With Dr. Hollis’ research-based knowledge, we develop custom interactive workshops, keynote speeches, workshops, and policy consultancy. Programs are in person and via Zoom.

Leah P. Hollis is a national trainer dealing with diversity, unconscious bias, microaggressions, and workplace bullying in higher education.  Further, she addresses EEOC and Title VII regulations. The Patricia Berkly LLC team offers facilitation opportunities that address clear communication and workplace values, respectful practices and policy, equitable team building,  access, diversity, and conflict resolution. Hollis is a Martin Luther King, Jr. Fellow and doctoral graduate from Boston University. Contact us at no obligation to see how Patricia Berkly LLC can help you learn to incorporate diversity and civility-inclusive practices into your work environment.