Dr. Leah Hollis, President and Founder of Patricia Berkly LLC is a healthy workplace advocate which creates onsite and virtual training solutions to develop and maintain an engaging work environment. In addition to rules training on the  workplace bullying, EEOC and Title VII regulations, the Patricia Berkly LLC team offers facilitation opportunities which address clear communication and workplace values, respectful practices and policy, equitable team building,  access, diversity and conflict resolution. Contact us at no obligation to see how Patricia Berkly LLC can help you improve learn to incorporate wellness in your work environment to increase outcomes and...

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Keynote Speaker

Leah P. Hollis, Healthy Workplace Advocate, Speaker, Trainer Hollis speaks nationally and internationally with appearances in Milan, Italy, Oxford, England, New York, New York, Los Angeles, California and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Hollis was featured in  MAINLINE TODAY as one of 21 Power Women. Dr. Leah P. Hollis is the Founder and President of Patricia Berkly, LLC, a healthy workplace advocate and diversity trainer.  Her recent book, Bully in the Ivory Tower: How Aggression and Incivility Erode American Higher Education is available on amazon.com.  Findings reveal that workplace bullying occurs at an even higher rate in higher education.  The study also offers solutions for individuals, middle managers and executive leadership. Dr. Hollis is a noted trainer, educator, and researcher who has helped over 75 schools deal with bullying on campus. She has an exemplary career in higher education administration where she has held senior leadership and faculty posts. Dr. Hollis has taught at Northeastern University, the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Rutgers University. Dr. Hollis received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Rutgers University and her Master of Arts degree from the University of...

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Published Author

Books available on amazon.com Bully in the Ivory Tower: How Incivility and Aggression Erode American Higher Education Several studies have examined workplace bullying in the general population or in the K-12 student population. This book examines the manifestation of workplace bullying in American Higher Education Administration. After surveying over 175 four-year colleges and universities in an independent study, Hollis confirms that workplace bullying occurs at alarming rates in higher education. Further, this study calculates the cost of employee disengagement. Staff who have been bullied either seek to separate from an institution or mentally “check out” as a way of enduring a bully. In the midst of souring tuition costs, no organization can afford the millions of dollars lost to employee disengagement due to a bully. After gathering data through surveys and several interviews with administrators in higher education, Hollis develops a model for a healthy workplace specifically for higher education, which is also applicable to the general population. The model offers solutions for the leadership and organizational level, middle managers, and for the bullies who are seeking healthier management strategies. While...

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TV Interview on bullying…

TV Interview on bullying…


WUSA9  Workplace Bullying


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We look beyond diversity workshops, to training which embraces the contemporary application of federal EEO regulations. Contact us for a consultation…

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Bully in Ivory Tower

Bully in Ivory Tower


Now available on amazon.com


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” her organization and focus were instrumental in organizing our events…

I have had the honor of personally knowing and professionally working with Leah Hollis for the past five years. Her organization and focus were instrumental in organizing our events-such as the Women of Color Conference- with the American Council of Education’s New York City-Long Island Chapter for Women Leaders in Higher Education. She also has a good command of research techniques – demonstrates an innate ability for perceiving different approaches to solving various problems – and has a good understanding of how people behave. It is my pleasure to work with her.”

Clara Wajngurt, Ph.D.
New York City/Long Island Chapter for Women Leaders in Higher Education
Office of Women in Higher Education
American Council on Education

” Her presentation was enlightening, yet shocking. I learned a great deal…

“The strength of the workshops included information on the magnitude and scope of EEO issues.  Her presentation was enlightening, yet shocking.  I learned a great deal; this workshop was definitely attention getting.”

Dr. Ron Brown, President
Fifth Quarter Enterprises

” I found her to be most compelling in how she communicates with her listeners…

“Over the past twenty plus years, I have spent many hours listening to presentations and making presentations myself. Too often, “experts” are boorish talking heads–they are eager to impress, but are ineffective communicators. This is not the case with Dr. Leah Hollis. Each time I had the  privilege to interact with her, I found her to be most compelling in how she communicates with her listeners, engaging with even the most reticent member of the audience. “

Eric A Turner, Ed.D.
Vice President, Institutional Advancement

” our VP of HR is ordering your book as recommended reading for all of our senior leaders…

Thank you so much Dr. Hollis and thanks for coming to our campus. You were a HUGE hit! So many people are interested in following up on bullying and our VP of HR is ordering your book as recommended reading for all of our senior leaders.


Lynette Chappell Williams

Associate Vice President

Department of Inclusion and Workforce Diversity

Cornell University