Cyberbullying at work

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 Cyberbullying at work Cyberbullying at work Cyberbullying at work     Is your networking naughty or nice?  Cyberbullying at work…   Businesses and all organizations are moving literally at the speed of light. Through the constant access with blackberries, smart phones and notebooks, we can communicate strategies and objectives on the fly and respond in seconds to threats or opportunities.  While we are LINKEDin, tweeting friends, and liking our space, the information we offer has an immediate impact on business, positive or negative. Many small businesses are relying on that cyber shingle to attract potential clients to their websites.  The power of SEO, and social networking minimizes costs for the small business owner, and enables any organization to reach 100s of thousands of people from a desk top.  In addition to services, the power of cyber network allows for virtual and distance learning training opportunities and virtual meetings which eliminate costly travel time. These networking tools were meant for good not evil; yet when malice enters the equation, cyber networking capabilities turn into a virtual nightmare for the target.  The power of the internet has been used to manipulate and harass employees.   By definition found in the Megan Meier Cyber bullying Prevention Act;   Cyber bullying is when someone   “transmits in interstate or foreign commerce any communication, with the intent to coerce, intimidate, harass, or cause substantial emotional distress to a person, using electronic means to support severe, repeated, and hostile behavior, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.”  While the term cyber bullying in many circles is applied to children and adolescents, bullying in any form in the workplace is destructive and costly to the organization.  Some estimates reveal that the bullying costs organization over $64 BILLION a year. In the workplace, bullying online or cyber bullying includes circulating inappropriate pictures of the target, making fun of the target or telling inappropriate jokes in email.  More subtle forms of online bullying humiliate the target regarding a work situation; berate the person for job performance, or openly and rudely questioning the target’s expertise. These messages circulated through email and workplace electronic bulletin boards use technology to create a toxic workplace. When networking technology is used to hurt the target, the results are similar to on ground bullying.  The target faces emotional distress, withdraws from workplace activities and socialization.  Cyber bullying on the job creates anxiety for the target and the others witnessing or in this case reading the bullying behavior.  When an organization fails to stop cyber bullying, they in fact permit the inappropriate use of technology and harbor behavior which jeopardizes organizational productivity. Just like any tool, networking has amazingly productive applications which can have a positive impact on the organization. However the negative application to bullying will generate costly turnover, and create a disengaged staff that spends more time...

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STOP! workplace bullying

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  STOP!  workplace bullying  STOP!  workplace bullying  STOP!  workplace bullying  We might have thought bullying was one of those things we endure  as kids, but it is no coincidence that during a recession and season of budgets cuts, bullying has taken a serious foothold in schools and in the workplace.  Stressful situations breed workplace bullying as it triggers insecurity and the need to have absolute control in these stressful environments.  Ironically, the last thing a stressful situation needs is a bully who brings more stress to the environment. Workplace bullying brings emotional and psychological attacks to staff who then spend time fending off the threat, instead of time focusing on being productive.  Why then don’t organizations crack down on workplace bullying if it is so destructive? 1. Workplace bullies are often the boss, welding control, even threatening targets with demotion or job loss if they don’t comply with unreasonable demands. 2. Organizations often protect their management- the workplace bully-, even when management is wrong, therefore targets subordinates quietly suffer and plan an escape instead of addressing the problem. 3. Staff often makes excuses and won’t address the workplace bully: there is not enough time, or not enough energy to address the toxic personality. Patricia Berkly LLC offers some organizational solutions to help everyone maintain a healthy work environment and stop workplace bullying.  The time spent to put protective measures in place will help to maintain quality and productive employees. 1.   Establish a culture of zero tolerance with strong anti- workplace bullying policies.  Be clear about what behavior is acceptable and the steps the organization will take to protect itself from a workplace bully. 2.   Follow that policy.  Too often organizations craft wonderful policies, yet fail to follow them, or apply them inconsistently.  This allows workplace bullying to flourish. 3.   Offer regular and consistent training to address workplace bullying.  With natural attrition, any staff needs training.  Such training will also empower staff as a whole to address workplace bullying as the grassroots level. 4.   Establish information interviews with staff as a standard operating procedure to stamp out workplace bullying.  In addition to other aspects of the operation which need attention, this standard procedure could also uncover incivility in your workplace. Protecting your organization from workplace bullying is everyone’s responsibility....

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Avoid a toxic workplace

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Diversity Training Consultants   Diversity Training Consultants Patricia Berkly LLC   Today’s Need For Diversity Training Consultants Patricia Berkly LLC Of late, you might wonder if diversity training consultants have been improperly overlooked. There have been several workplace discrimination lawsuits demonstrating the constant need for expert diversity training consultants. Toshiba is facing a $100 million law suit. Bayer employees filed a gender discrimination law suit. 3M Company has agreed to pay up to $12 million to settle a discrimination law suit. Higher education is not immune, with Auburn athletics facing a race discrimination law suit after letting go 10 African Americans. Yale is facing investigation from the Office of Civil Rights. Apparently these organizations need diversity training consultants to help develop an inclusive organizational culture. How can organizations weather the storm of discrimination law suits crossing the country? Diversity training consultants who offer interactive programs can be most helpful; in fact when considering the cost of law suits and settlements, diversity training consultants are worth their weight in gold. Initially organizations may question the value of cultural diversity training consultants; but diversity training consultants can not only create workshops, diversity training consultants can develop other programs and analyze policy. Patricia Berkly LLC is a diversity training consultants group that will also develop a tailored risk assessment so organizations can identify the benefits of hiring diversity training consultants. Interactive training, and long term support and analysis by diversity training consultants can pave the way to...

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Cain is not Able… It costs more than money to defend an accusation…

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Cain is not Able… It costs more than money to defend an accusation… Cain is not Able… It costs more than money to defend an accusation… Cain is not Able… It costs more than money to defend an accusation… This message is not about political spinning, indictment or accusation.  Instead, let’s reflect on what Herman Cain said as he suspended his campaign.  The constant accusations of sexual harassment and the endless distractions of such accusations became too much to bear for his family and his campaign.  Despite the ground swell of popularity in the last weeks, a charge of sexual harassment has unraveled his White House dreams.   While every man is innocent until proven guilty, the court of public opinion has voted, and continues to swing its support to other Republican candidates.  Since these charges of sexual harassment from Ms. White, Herman Cain endured a 15 point drop in support in Iowa.  The number of voters who once wanted to see Cain in the polls, dropped from 22 % to 8%.   But on the other side of sexual harassment, over the years, sexual harassment claims at the EEOC have actually declined.  The 2000 fiscal year reported close to 16,000 sexual harassment cases.  The 2010 statistics report just under 12,000 claims with the EEOC.  The workplace might be evolving into a more women friendly environment as women are officially over 50% of the workplace. But on the other side of sexual harassment, over the years, sexual harassment claims at the EEOC have actually declined.  The 2000 fiscal year reported close to 16,000 sexual harassment cases.  The 2010 statistics report just under 12,000 claims with the EEOC.  The workplace might be evolving into a more women friendly environment as women are officially over 50% of the workplace. Nonetheless, even with the 20% decline in reported sexual harassment cases over the last decade, the single one that winds up on your door step is the one that looms the largest in your memory.  Remember Brett Favre, the Minnesota Vikings quarterback who was mired in constant allegations of sexual harassment. Bill Clinton paid $850,000 to settle the Paula Jones sexual harassment case.   In 2008, eight women charged that two male supervisors at Aqua Tri Pool Company in Irvine, California pressured them  for dates and sex, touched them inappropriately and offered promotions in exchange for sexual favors. Aqua Tri Pool paid $463,000 to settle a sexual harassment case.   The cost doesn’t stop here; this number doesn’t include the loss of productivity during discovery and deposition stages. Even in the best case scenario, any organization charged with sexual harassment in court often foots $100,000 in legal bills just to defend the charge harassment, discrimination and disparate treatment.  Organizations need to be poised to stop the problem before it starts.   ·     > First is the human resources department staffed to offer regular training? If not, has the organization budgeted for outside trainers to educate managers and staff...

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Avoid Sexual Harassment

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Avoid Sexual Harassment Avoid Sexual Harassment Avoid Sexual Harassment   Get Trained … Stay Compliant   You thought it was a joke…She thought it was offensive.   You thought it was ok to hug him… He thought he was cornered. Just what IS sexual harassment? It is a form of sex discrimination and prohibited by Title VII of 1964 Civil Rights Act.  It encompasses unwelcome physical, visual, or verbal behavior of a sexual nature.  Like other forms of discrimination, sexual harassment creates a toxic workplace. Did you know that over 16% of sexual harassment cases are filed by men?  The EEOC collected over $48 million in monetary benefits related to sexual harassment in 2010.  This figure doesn’t include settlement collected through litigation.   These costs also don’t consider the legal fees and cost lost in productivity.  Further, organizations lose money when people leave a contentious environment.  No one is a winner when a Title VII complaint is launched against your organization.    Some recent cases in the last six months include:   >Jay Medicar Transportation will pay $70,000 to settle sexual harassment suit.   >MTV employee files sexual harassment and hostile work environment.   >Lighthouse Restaurant pays $23,000 to settle sexual harassment lawsuit.   >Monarch Dental pays $175,000 to settle EEOC sexual harassment lawsuit   >International Profit Associations will pay $8 million to settle sexual harassment suit compensating 82 women who suffered sexual harassment at the...

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