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Patricia Berkly LLC Webinar Series 

Patricia Berkly LLC is happy to offer a diversity of trainings for groups an individuals to help maintain a healthy workplace.  Over the past year, Dr. Leah Hollis has conducted various workshops and lectures regarding diversity management, strategic planning, innovation, sexual harassment, workplace bullying and workplace retaliation.

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Black and Blue Academy: Workplace Bullying and its Effects on Higher Education-  


Mean ProfessorJust back from the International Conference on Workplace Bullying and Harassment, Dr. Leah Hollis will present, Black and Blue Academy. While, several studies have examined workplace bullying , Black and Blue Academy examines workplace bullying in American Higher Education Administration. A study of 175 colleges and universities reveals that bullying occurs at alarming rates in higher education. These findings revealed that 62% of respondents were affected by bullying in higher education which is 58% higher than the rate of bullying in the general workforce  Namie and Namie ( 2007). In short, higher education is a tougher sector than most to find a civil place to work and enjoy a career. This webinar which has helped over 70 colleges and universities, will review the impact of workplace bullying in higher education and offer concrete solutions for individuals and organizations. Running time is 60 minutes plus a question/answer segment.

Requirements: Once you register, the same email attached to pay pal is the same email we will use to communicate with you.  For the webinar, you will need an email that the attendance confirmation should be sent to once registered, a computer and speakers.  This is a great option to train your  staff on this critical issue. Click on paypal button to register.RUNNING TIME: approx 50 min + question/answer session.Paypal account not required. Pay securely via credit card.

Join to learn how your institution can identify cost prohibitive bullies who hurt staff productivity.   Feel free to contact with questions.  All participants will receive log- in formation the morning of the presentation.  Slides will be presented to all participants after presentation upon request.  Great way to train your staff. Running time 55 minutes.

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Previous webinars

What does your bulldog cost you? The cost of workplace bullying and strategies to soothe a toxic work environment.  

Workplace bullying often looks like harassment.  The Workplace Bullying Institute shows that over 37% of the working population is affected by workplace bullying. Even when workplace bullying affects those outside of the Title VII protected classes, work productivity declines and turnover can skyrocket. The cost for American organizations can range into $64 billion a year.  In addition to financial costs, there are emotional and psychology costs to employees, and interrupted productivity for the organization.  Dr. Leah Hollis presents this webinar to help managers and employees spot a bully, understand the cost of harboring a bully, and develop strategies to curb the bully before he or she jeopardizes the organization. This webinar is for managers and employees alike who wish to understand how to mitigate the impact of a bully on an organization.   Feel free to contact to coordinate a convenient time for you and your staff to have access to the video. You would be granted a password and 48 hour access.  Great way to train your entire staff. Running time 51 minutes.



Supreme Court Updates for all Employers  

This workshop will begin with a quick over view of the Title VII laws which prohibit discrimination based on race, gender, age, imagesCAGH47CZ religion and national origin.  Further, the workshop will reflect on concepts of the protected class and disparate treatment. The workplace is a delicate environment with four generations in the workforce that increases the protected class. With terms solidified, the workshop will continue to update participants on the changing parameters regarding retaliation, the threshold for actionable complaints, cat’s paw theory, class action and frivolous claims.  This workshop will briefly review the cases which modified these important Title VII areas and offer case studies as they apply to this sector.  Feel free to contact to coordinate a convenient time for you to have access to the video. You would be granted a password and 48 hour access.  Stay up today with HRCI benchmarks! Running time 42 minutes.


Changing Agents: Diversity, Leadership and Innovation. 

Looking for a diversity training alternative? See “Changing Agents” which considers concepts of leadership in relation to a healthy workplace, leadership initiatives, civil rights legislation and workplace bullying.  Dr. Leah Hollis presents her ideas on team building and offers historical examples on how lacking diversity management can threaten organizational longevity. Feel free to contact to coordinate a convenient time for you and your staff to have access to the video. You would be granted a password and 48 hour access.  Great way to train your entire staff. Running time 51 minutes.


Consultation and proposal information

We are pleased to offer your organization a 3o minute consultation at no obligation by appointment regarding your diversity and consulting needs. If your organization needs a customized proposal, it is Patricia Berkly LLC company policy to provide such with a deposit for service which is applicable to the final cost of training. For individual and confidential consultation for a workplace issues, please send private email to for arrangements. Please know that further consultation beyond the introductory meeting will require proper engagement via contract and a retainer. This allows Patricia Berkly LLC to manage the work flow of all clients fairly and with the necessary confidentiality.


1).  Diversity Training Consultant & Workplace/EEO Training (onsite or webinar option) 


Interactive diversity training and policy application to workplace.
Short term -half day through 3 day diversity training  for organization.

  Often diversity training and EEO policy consultation can be out of context for managers and policy makers. This customized and confidential diversity training will invite staff to bring forward their concerns and address them specifically in relation to the latest diversity trends and the Title VII policies. The diversity trainings are based on each specific organization, interactive, and contemporary. Whether onsite or in webinar format, the training is specific to each organization and interactive in nature.

2). Diversity Training Consultant IMMERSION PROGRAM

  Patricia Berkly’s diversity training consultants’ IMMERSION PROGRAM is a short term 3-5 day intensive diversity training with executives, managers, and front line staff. Our diversity training consultants will conduct a 45 minute intake with each group (executives, managers, staff) to gather real time information about the diversity and EEO issues facing the organization.  After conducting the intake, Patricia Berkly’s diversity training consultants will develop a series of interactive diversity trainings for staff, and create an evaluation of progress half through the project.  

3). Diversity Consultation/ EEO Assessment & Policy Analysis Projects

Patricia Berkly’s diversity training consultants will review hiring policies and procedures, and provide in-depth diversity consultation and analysis of an organization’s last two years of employment decisions (hiring, promotion, demotion, transfer and separation). Our diversity training consultants will make recommendations for improvement and provide a detailed report on past performance.  This option, at the request of the client, can include diversity assessment, diversity plan development, implementation trajectory, and reports.  This option includes a half day or full day site visit, interviews with staff and a second half day visit for Patricia Berkly’s diversity training consultants to report findings and recommendations.