Avoid Sexual Harassment

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Avoid Sexual Harassment

Avoid Sexual Harassment

Avoid Sexual Harassment


Get Trained … Stay Compliant


You thought it was a joke…She thought it was offensive.


You thought it was ok to hug him… He thought he was cornered.

Just what IS sexual harassment? It is a form of sex discrimination and prohibited by Title VII of 1964 Civil Rights Act.  It encompasses unwelcome physical, visual, or verbal behavior of a sexual nature.  Like other forms of discrimination, sexual harassment creates a toxic workplace. Did you know that over 16% of sexual harassment cases are filed by men?  The EEOC collected over $48 million in monetary benefits related to sexual harassment in 2010.  This figure doesn’t include settlement collected through litigation.


These costs also don’t consider the legal fees and cost lost in productivity.  Further, organizations lose money when people leave a contentious environment.  No one is a winner when a Title VII complaint is launched against your organization.


 Some recent cases in the last six months include:


>Jay Medicar Transportation will pay $70,000 to settle sexual harassment suit.


>MTV employee files sexual harassment and hostile work environment.


>Lighthouse Restaurant pays $23,000 to settle sexual harassment lawsuit.


>Monarch Dental pays $175,000 to settle EEOC sexual harassment lawsuit


>International Profit Associations will pay $8 million to settle sexual harassment suit compensating 82 women who suffered sexual harassment at the company.

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