Publications & Speaking Engagements



Check out Dr. Hollis’ recent publications and speaking engagements, including empirical research on workplace bullying at community colleges, Title IX  and sexual violence issues, and how workplace bullying affects diversity. To the left, Dr. Hollis is at the American Council on Education, Regional Women’s Leadership Forum at Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina. In 2018, she gave talks at the University of Bordeaux (France), and New York University- Prague.

Publications & Research

Hollis, L. P. (2023). Spirit murdering and mobbing: Working strategies for underrepresented minority faculty survivors of academic workplace bullying. Taboo, 21(4), 6-20.

Hollis, L.P. (2022). Black Women, Intersectionality, and Workplace Bullying: Intersecting Distress (1st ed.). Routledge.

Hollis, LP (2022). Strength in Numbers Collective Voice in Resisting Workplace Injustice (ed) Hollis, LP Black women, intersectionality and workplace bullying: Intersecting Distress. Routledge New York.

Hollis, L.P. (2021). Mules versus (Wo)Men: Narrative of a Black Woman Modifying Maslow’s Theory of Needs to Withstand Workplace Bullying. Journal  of Black Sexuality and Relationships. 7(3).77-92.

Hollis, L.P. (2020). Señor Jim Crow Still Roosts in Cuba: A comparative analysis of race and resistance of the United States and Cuba. Comparative  Civilizations Journal, 82, 39-51.

Tye-Williams, S., Carbo, J. Cruz, P., Hollis, L.P., Keashly, L. Mattice, C., Mattice, C. Tracy, S. (2020). (Invited panel).  Exploring Workplace Bullying from Diverse Perspectives: A Journal of Applied Communication  Research forum. 1-18.

Hollis, L.P. (2019). Lessons from the Bobo Doll Experiments: Leadership’s Deliberate Indifference Exacerbates Workplace Bullying in Higher Education. Journal for the Study of Postsecondary and Tertiary Education, 4, 85-102.

Hollis, L. (2018). The ironic interplay of free speech and silencing: an argument that workplace bullying compromises the cherished value of free speech in higher education. Journal of Academic Freedom. Volume 9. 2018. American Association of University Professors.

Hollis, L. (2018).   Remember the Alamo: Implementing a campus-wide anti-bullying policy. Human Research Management International Digest. Emerald  Publications. 26(4).

Hollis, L. (2018).  Bullied out of Position: Black women’s complex intersectionality, workplace bullying and resulting career disruption. Journal of Black Sexuality and  Relationships. 4 (3). 73-89.

Hollis, L. (2017). Workplace Bullying in the United States and Canada: Organizational accountability required in higher education. Comparative Civilizations Review.

Hollis, L. (2017). The Need for Anti-Bullying Policies on Campus. An argument for improving gender and race relations in higher education. Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships

Hollis, L. (2017). Qualitative Phenomenological Study: Considerations in engaging international students. SAGE Research Methods Cases. Sage Publications LTD. DOI:

Hollis, L. (2016). The coercive community college; Bullying and its costly impact on the mission to serve underrepresented populations. Emerald Group Publishing Limited. United Kingdom.

Hollis, L. (2015) Take the Bull by the Horns: Structural Approach to Minimize Workplace Bullying for Women in American Higher Education. Forum on Public Policy. Oxford, England.

Hollis L. (2015) Bully University? The cost of workplace bullying and employee engagement in American higher education. Sage Open


Conferences & Speaking Engagement

“Odd Woman Out: Black Women Faculty Disproportionately Targeted by Workplace Mobbing in Higher Education.” 2021 Association of Black Sexologists and Clinicians. 7th Annual Round Table Conference. (virtual delivery). St. Thomas, Virgin Islands,  April 26- 27.

“Amoral Malignancy: Workplace bullying as significant ushers for corrupt behavior in the workplace.” 2021 The 12th International Association of Workplace bullying Conference. (virtual delivery). The University of Wollongong in Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates,  April 12-14.

“Minority women’s self-medicating behaviors from work stress.” Research Centers in Minority Institutions (RCMI) Program 2019 Conference: Collaborative Solutions to Improve Minority Health & Reduce Health Disparities. Bethesda, Maryland. December 15-17.

“Digital Devils: Cyberbullying in Higher Education, and Strategies to Unplug Civility” 3rd Biennial Difficult Dialogues National Resource Center, (DDDNRC) Conference, University of Maryland, College Park, 2018

“Bully by Proxy: Using subordinates as henchmen to facilitate workplace bullying.” 11th International Conference for the International Association of Workplace Bullying and Harassment, Bordeaux, France. 2018

“The Bullied Labido. The Impact of Workplace Bullying on Desire for Physical Intimacy.” International Lecture Series: Global Leadership for Global Engagement. New York University, Prague, Czechoslovakia 2018

Keynote Speech. Hershey Story.  Heart of Chocolate: Little things that mean a big deal.  Hershey PA 2017

Keynote Speech. American Council on Education.  Workplace bullying and career ascension. Clemson University.  2016

Conference Co-Chair ABSC Spring Roundtable Series, St Thomas, the Virgin Islands, April 2016

Presented at American Association of Community Colleges National Convention. “Bruising the Bottom Line: The cost of workplace bullying at community colleges.” Chicago, IL. April 2016

Keynote Speaker. “How Workplace Bullying Affects Diversity,” Cornell University, April 2016

Presented at Pennsylvania Black Conference on Higher Education, “Blacks and Blues: Workplace Bullying for African Americans in Higher Education.” Philadelphia PA March 2016

Keynote Speaker. “Microaggressions: Little things that hurt and how to handle it.” Swarthmore College. Swarthmore PA November 2015